Two separate analyses put out this week lay out the evidence to date on the coronavirus coming from nature.
This is the story of the little doe who got stuck in an icy pond in New Jersey.
'At first I thought it was a car — because of all the crashing. It was scary.'
He ran into the store after he was hit by a driver on Monday.
The police officers heard the fawn crying.
We got screenshots of these 100% authentic Real Donald Trump tweets about the Harlem deer which we certainly did not just make up, how dare you.
Cuomo to de Blasio: GO BUCK YOURSELF!
"We do not intend to release the deer back to the busy and dense borough of Manhattan," a city spokesperson said.
The deer has been living in an uptown park for almost two weeks.
He was seen in Jackie Robinson Park.
It takes a little doing, but it can be delicious.
Even with the vasectomies, experts say does will then go into heat multiple times a year, likely attracting bucks from NJ.
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