The law will go into effect in 30 days.
As referrals to city 'diversion courts' wane, outreach workers scramble to find new ways to connect sex workers to needed services.
'Sex workers like any other workers should be organizing as a collective and creating demands, because nobody understands the industry better than workers themselves.'
Including in the majority black and Latino neighborhoods where expanding decriminalization was meant to slow them down.
Mayor de Blasio is against arresting people for marijuana, but also against his own past enjoyment of marijuana.
Will the policy enforce current law or just create a lot of arrest warrants?
"The new administration promised change, but instead we got more of the same," Congressman Hakeem Jeffries said at a decriminalization rally outside 1 Police Plaza yesterday.
When a defendant has neither a criminal record nor an open arrest or warrant, it makes no sense for the criminal justice system, including a District Attorney’s Office, to devote its scarce resources to lengthy case processing."
Will Brooklyn become a pot paradise?
"It's ugly and it's embarrassing to be a New Yorker when they can't pass this one simple fix. They just kicked this can down the field before they go on vacation."
While Cuomo was applauded for introducing the proposal two weeks ago, not everyone thinks his heart was really in it.
Conservative televangelist Pat Robertson is waving the white flag in the war on drugs—or the war on reefer, to be precise.
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