Decolonize this place

"We’re locked in between walls of police hitting us with batons, hitting us with their bikes, and asking us not to resist."
The J31 protests were held in reaction to overpolicing in the transit system.
"This is for the black and brown and indigenous people who are being criminalized in the subways as part of a program of gentrification, cleansing this city of the riffraff."
The actions are all ramping up to a "J31" protest at Grand Central, the third since Cuomo announced the hiring of 500 new MTA police officers.
“People are being thrown on the floor, wrongfully arrested, homeless people are being thrown out of the subway when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s very wrong.”
Demonstrators decorated a subway car Friday to protest the presence of defense manufacturer Warren Kanders on the Whitney Museum's board.
Warren Kanders, vice chair of the board, owns a defense manufacturer whose weapons have been used against asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border.
The Anti-Columbus Day event will begin at 3 p.m. at the AMNH, and a flyer promises 'more than a tour this year.'
'This museum houses collections obtained through imperial plunder. Diverse programming is not enough!'
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