The value of a yellow taxi medallion has plummeted from more than $1.2 million at its peak in 2014 to about $100,000 today.
As economic activity slows amid the coronavirus response in New York and elsewhere, calls for widespread debt relief are becoming more urgent.
Workers with COVID-19 or under quarantine will get paid sick leave or wage replacement.
"What we are hearing today is that the MTA is at a point where it is indeed exhausting its resources," one Board member said.
Ever ready to take credit for big transit projects no matter how asinine, the governor won't take responsibility for the subway system's mounting failures.
"John Oliver triumphantly Out-Oprah’s Oprah in giving away valuable gifts."
The Great Recession may have faded for some, but millennials still bear permanent scars.
Two of its three NYC locations were closed today.
One day after five members of the Board of Trustees also stepped down.
A recent email asked staff to consider making donations to ease the crushing cost of students' tuition.
Everything's expensive.
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