This happened at the Alabama Avenue J station in East New York.
'A large block of stone from the elevated track had fallen onto the sidewalk. A definite widow maker.'
A 15-pound piece of debris fell onto a car in Queens.
For the second time this week, a piece of debris reportedly fell from an elevated subway track and onto a car below, smashing its sunroof.
'I had to run to avoid getting hit by chunks, the video shows after they smashed and fell apart.'
Please stand clear of the closing doors, and watch out for any falling debris.
There's about 13 football fields of debris from Long Island waiting to be removed to upstate landfills.
Tien Mao/Gothamist NY1 is reporting delays of a half hour in
A JetBlue flight headed to Fort Lauderdale from Newark Airport returned
These aerial photos of billowing smoke, collapsing buildings and scattering debris were
Today's windy weather has blown debris from an unfinished Frank Gehry
In a U.S. Court of Appeals hearing, families of victims killed
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