“I’m caught between having to make decisions at the same time,” the Jumaane Williams said during a Tuesday night debate.
The debate is tonight (June 10th), and here's how you can watch it.
Tonight — Wednesday, May 26th — the Republican mayoral candidates will partake in their first televised debate, which you'll be able to watch on NY1, listen to on WNYC, or stream here.
The second televised debate between Democratic candidates is currently set to be virtual, but why?
On May 13th the eight leading mayoral candidates will partake in their first debate, you can watch it here or tune in on WNYC.
On Thursday, May 13th, the first of three debates that have been planned by the Campaign Finance Board will take place.
In more than one instance, the fact that Teachout grew up on a farm in Vermont was floated as an insult.
The acrimonious encounter featured Cuomo accusing Nixon of being a political neophyte who 'lives in the world of fiction,' and Nixon dismissing Cuomo as 'a corrupt corporate Democrat.'
Political observers and advocates say that certain planks of Nixon's platform—on subjects ranging from housing to education to transit—could stand to be fleshed out.
We've pulled together a list of debate watch parties scattered around NYC.
Challengers Bo Dietl and Nicole Malliotakis got some good jabs in at Mayor Bill de Blasio. Still, the mayor held his own.
The Mayor said he is confident his bill will pass under the next iteration of the state senate, which will take office in 2019.
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