Deaths are projected to rise to 378,000 by January.
Cuomo called the move “nothing more than a transparent politicization of the Department of Justice in the middle of the Republican National Convention.”
Monday's press conference by New York's health commissioner was the most concerted and detailed effort yet to exonerate Governor Cuomo from nagging criticisms that he failed to do enough to protect the elderly.
"If I could describe the utter chaos of needing to remove 50 to 80 bodies in a jigsaw arrangement in order to maneuver the shelving over them, I would."
"It’s important to give families and communities, and the city as a whole, a sense of the magnitude of what we are going through," Dr. Oxiris Barbot, the NYC Health Commissioner, told us.
No part of the new metrics account for suspected COVID-19 deaths occurring outside of hospital settings, which Fire Department data show have skyrocketed over the last three weeks.
One funeral home has a two-week wait for cremations.
The city changed its approached after WNYC/Gothamist initially reported the undercounting of likely coronavirus deaths.
Deaths at home hit record numbers, but they’re not all counted in the official coronavirus toll.
"Most people initially thought that it was food poisoning. It was basically—it was crippling diarrhea."
"I have a right to be suspicious," Leyla Cox's son said.
A recent Vox investigation yielded over 500 deaths that could be linked to the hurricane, in addition to another 69 people who are still missing following the storm.
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