Dean skelos

Like Sheldon Silver before him, Skelos was able to skate on a technicality involving jury instructions.
Like Dean Skelos, Sheldon Silver can remain free while he appeals his corruption convictions.
The Skeloses are out of jail during their appeal on federal corruption charges, in case you had any schemes in which you wanted to involve them.
This, in a year when two top lawmakers were convicted of corruption.
"There's no better way" to stop corruption, except all the other, more pressing ways.
And threw her phone into the street.
And a $500,000 fine. His son Adam got 6 1/2 years.
However, they still "have active investigations related to substantive inquiries."
Remember how Cuomo disbanded his ethics reform panel because it was a success?
They each face up to 130 years in prison.
In the form of a corruption indictment...
He got hundreds of thousands of dollars to do nothing AND be a complete jerk.
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