The police are accused of mocking the woman.
Featuring eleven deaf-blind actors, the show moves along as they knead, raise and bake bread on stage while telling stories. And then there is also a dining in the dark restaurant!
An alleged killer may walk away on a interpretation technicality.
The boy had darted from between parked cars onto Hicks Street.
A deaf 5-year-old boy visiting NYC was hit by a cab in Brooklyn Saturday afternoon—and it happened right in front of his deaf parents.
“They told her to be a prostitute, and she wanted no part of it. They were punching her in the face and pulling her hair," the victim's grandmother said.
A woman is suing a hospital claiming that an aide inappropriately touched her under the guise of giving a sponge bath: "I don't know when I will ever be comfortable staying overnight in a hospital."
It might be a way to save money, but a judge has ruled that it would be discriminatory towards the deaf to take away the city's fire and police call boxes.
It seems that one thief has read (or watched) "One Flew
Noise: it's annoying... but now it's also dangerous! According to a
A custodian at Kings County Hospital Center has been arrested on
A hospital employee is being investigated for allegedly raping a male
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