The shipment weighed 3,200 pounds, or 1.6 tons, and has been valued around $77 million.
Remember that time Sean Penn accidentally led authorities straight to El Chapo?
A traffic stop on the West Side Highway on Thursday afternoon ended with the state police officers and Drug Enforcement Agents firing two rounds of bullets at a suspect.
Two of the dogs were adopted by the police.
The top charge could net the accused life in prison, if convicted.
One of the defendants thought a Yonkers apartment wouldn't have the proper ventilation to make the meth.
Smashmouth legal tactics are coming for Jeff Sessions and the federal government's marijuana policy.
The IRS continued the practice, mostly targeting small business owners, after a 2014 directive was supposed to severely restrict it.
The drugs were shipped from one front jewelry store front in Los Angeles to another one in New York.
He is the first federal judge to take on the issue.
A K-9 dog was integral to the investigation.
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