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It was not immediately clear what the mayor will do with all his spare time now.

Bill de Blasio hit the streets of NYC as a presidential candidate for the first time on Thursday, making stops at Times Square and the Statue of Liberty before heading to Iowa for a five-state tour of the country.

Here's what non-New Yorkers should know about our towering mayor, and how the city has changed (or hasn't) under his watch.

De Blasio seems tired of us. Bloomberg, for all his flaws, never wanted to let the city go, ignoring the will of voters to cling desperately to a third term

The mayor starts the video with 'There's plenty of money in this country—it's just in the wrong hands!'

De Blasio will campaign in Iowa and South Carolina this weekend.

The rally was ostensibly to put the city's landlords—including the Trump organization—on notice that failure to comply with city legislation requiring buildings to drastically slash their carbon emissions could result in heavy fines.

Many observers suspect Bill de Blasio will announce his candidacy for president very soon. Brace for impact with this guide to his record as New York City's mayor.