An attorney for Aaron Mostofsky said his client "understands the whole thing in Washington got totally out of hand."
In addition to the first mention of Gothamist, the D.C. brief contains the first appearance of the phrase "epic rager" in Supreme Court history.
It is a, uh, very on the nose look, to put it mildly. Or perhaps, very on the forehead.
Cherry Blossom High Tea, anyone?
Schumer and several other pols have lived in a "rundown frat house" in DC for the past 30+ years, eating cereal together, sharing bathrooms, and skimping on groceries.
She may have thought President Obama was stalking her.
The 34-year-old man whom investigators believe to be solely responsible for yesterday's massacre at the DC Navy Yard hails from Queens.
The bill was put together by Senate Democrats after a request from President Obama earlier this month. And unsurprisingly, it was met with considerable opposition, particularly from Republican congressmen.
The bubble will open in 2013.
In solidarity with their siblings in New York, protesters briefly occupied a Brookfield Properties building in the District last night.
The mayor's speech contained both constructive and unrealistic suggestions for the Budget Supercommittee, but what was troubling was his vigorous, if unsurprising pro-business slant.
Children from area schools in DC, Maryland and Virginia were invited, along with children of military families, and received M&Ms, dried fruit, and cookies baked by the White House chef.
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