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The East Village location will remain open.

After more than seven years, Williamsburg has finally strangled its best music venue.

It's ridiculously nice out today—and thankfully, there are plenty of bars that will be serving drinks outdoors tonight. Below, we've compiled a list of some we especially like.

Friends, family, and acquaintances of the late Ray Deter will gather tonight at DBA in the East Village for a New Orleans-style "second line" memorial parade in honor of the beloved bar owner.

This is the second cyclist fatality in a week, following the death of Marilyn Dershowitz on Saturday after she was struck by a 7-ton mail truck. Dershowitz was wearing a helmet, while Deter was not.

Ray Deter, the bar owner struck by a Jaguar on Canal St earlier this week, is not expected to make it through the weekend, his family says.

It's unclear if a helmet would have made a difference in the accident that has left Ray Deter clinging to life, but his wife says he never wears one.

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