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But the apps could still be rolling soon. "Passengers can wait 10 days to enjoy the latest technology," pointed out TLC head David S. Yassky.
So far this year the TLC has seized 3,270 unlicensed cabs, up from 998 for the same period last year (in June the fine for an unlicensed cab went from $200 to $1,500).
The Taxi and Limousine Commission is mulling hiking taxi later this summer, and now we know by how much exactly.
Both the mayor and the head of the TLC think a taxi fare hike between 16 and 20 percent is appropriate.
The first thing you turn off upon entering a cab now wants you to ask you your thoughts on the New York City cab experience.
The new cab should be a nice addition to the city's fleet, just 231 of which are wheelchair accessible. But soon enough it will be replaced by the wheelchair-inaccessible "Taxi of Tomorrow."
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