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It was David's first day of school, would the other kids think he was cool? He tied his tie, kissed his wife goodbye. It was David's first day of school.
The source says Broadwell claimed she "was considering potentially running for office, and many people had come to her about that. She said she had gotten requests from both parties to consider running for office."
Jeremy Renner was the host on last night's "Saturday Night Live," but the two stars of the show were the ongoing Petraeus scandal, and NJ Gov. Chris Christie.
Kelley reached out to her good friend, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, in recent days, complaining about the media and Paula Broadwell.
Colbert cut to the heart of the scandal: "Please. If our troops were really still fighting in Afghanistan, don't you think we'd be hearing about that on the news instead of this bullshit? Unbelievable."
The FBI has found a "substantial" amount of classified information on the personal computer of Paula Broadwell, the mistress of now-former CIA director Petraeus.
"Fred is a passionate kind of guy," one former colleague told the Times. "He's kind of an obsessive type. If he locked his teeth onto something, he'd be a bulldog."
More and more information has come out about Jill Kelley, the self-proclaimed military “social liaison” whose self-proclaimed title is completely made up.
Last night, Stewart was flabbergasted by the widening scope of the investigation into the affair ("high school lunchroom table gossip"), and John Oliver proposed banning all heterosexuals from the military.
Stewart admitted to being distracted by how defined her arms were as he thought of more "I'm an asthmatic old Jew" jokes.
AP now reports that Broadwell sent "harassing" emails to a female State Department liaison to the military's Joint Special Operations Command, whose job it was to stay in close contact with Petraeus.
It seems Paula Broadwell's husband may have written the NY Times' Ethicist seeking advice about the affair. Because who wouldn't turn to the world's most sincere Billy Joel aficionado in times of marital strife.
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