David koch

David Koch, the right-wing businessman and billionaire whose massive fortune ranked him among the richest people in the world, has died.
The mewls from the tiny, snowed-in Stradevariuses emanating from the Upper East Side have reached the ears of Mayor Bill de Blasio.
However, David Koch is the richest New Yorker—he's number 6 on the list.
For those who hope that the Koch brothers will be shamed into renouncing their plutocratic status, Charles Koch has bad news.
Some of Occupy Wall Street's occupier will head uptown to support the Granny Peace Brigade.
The 99% are heading to the land of the 1%.
Protesters are moving on up to the Upper East protest at the deluxe apartments of billionaire and millionaire mover-and-shakers.
David Koch is now worth $5 billion more than last year, which means he can donate more to the Tea Party!
An alt-news editor from Buffalo pretending to be billionaire David Koch
The billionaire David Koch and his brother Charles, who were the subject
Egad, the infernal bloodsucking parasites have expanded their onslaught to include
Andrew Cuomo and David Koch Yesterday, Andrew Cuomo got a big
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