David greenfield

And too late for would-be contenders who were reluctant to go up against an incumbent.
It could someday be much easier to get out of your gym membership.
A petition against the current plan got 2,500 signatures in a day.
"It's time to make [privately owned public space] great again."
Councilmember Greenfield is still confident it will.
It's South Brooklyn vs. southern Brooklyn.
It'll be express from Church Avenue to Jay Street-Metrotech.
Reactions to the ads have been mixed, but one Brooklyn councilman is working to have them disappeared.
Because this is Israel/Palestine, things of course descended into complete chaos, rhetoric and vitriol.
Shh, don't tell Ashton Kutcher!
"My constituents were sick and tired of walking down the street and slipping and falling because some obnoxious homeowner has decided that they're exempt from cleaning their ice."
Council Member David Greenfield claimed that the park in question was built using private funds and that the ACLU and NYCLU had no reason to go after it.
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