David childs

Will the terrorists win if the council of people who decide how tall buildings are doesn't accept 1 World Trade Center's 1,776-foot height?
The Port Authority has nixed plans to put prismatic glass panels on the base of One World Trade after finding the panels difficult to produce.
from threecee's flickr After firing famed architect Frank Gehry in an
Parties involved with the design and construction of Freedom Tower were happy
In yesterday’s NY Times, Nicolai Ouroussoff notes the onset of 21st-century medievalism,
As the architect Rafael Viñoly sees it, the Freedom Tower is
Today's special NY Times section, Broken Ground, which has an article,
We're up to Version 3.0: Architect David Childs revealed new designs for
It'll be an alley of cray architectural all-stars downtown! After turning
Whoa! If you love to see giant buildings getting torn apart
Or at least that's what World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein
Sundays in August are apparently Real Estate days at the New York
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