David chang

Wayō is the fifth NYC Momofuku property in a row to open in a corporate mall, but Chef Sam Kang's terrific menu of big-flavored bar food makes it worth a trip.
About 12 million square feet of residential and commercial space is opening this weekend and over the rest of the year.
The menu at breakfast and lunch is limited to just a few items, but everything is delicious.
The Korean-Italian fusion menu has been retooled to includes lots of pastas, crudos, carpaccios, and...there are chairs with BACKS.
The new 14th Street restaurant will still delivery to much of Manhattan, but customers can also order head and pickup, or drop in themselves and place an order.
His delivery-only restaurant Ando has launched a brand-new menu that includes lots for vegetarians like a spin on the popular Hozon Cheesesteak.
The Fuku Chimek, a whole chicken fried two ways, served with fries, pickled daikon, kimchi, and flatbread, makes for a fantastic feast. You can comfortably skip Fatbird's bird though.
The superb fried chicken sandwich that debuted at the East Village original makes the menu downtown, too, but it's the fried chicken dinner that'll be the big draw.
José Andrés will be operating the "Spanish Eataly" inside the massive mega-development.
Despite well-intentioned goals, it looks like the company wasn't financially viable.
Hozon Cheesesteaks and fried chicken for more of Manhattan.
Loosen your belt, FiDi, you're getting two new Chang restaurants in the future.
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