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Instead, chefs are responsible for illuminating diners as to what they're eating, which should be simple enough considering guests are sitting more or less on top of the cooking area.
David Bouley Celebrity chef David Bouley just opened his new, much-delayed,
Books for walls? Now we've seen everything! And so will you if
In September, the bar Apothéke opened in an unmarked space on Doyers
This Monday, June 16th, America's world-renowned French chefs are descending upon Rockefeller
Cesar Ramirez, the 36 year-old chef at Bar Blanc, doesn’t want to
What’s worth watching on food-TV this week? Martha Stewart’s all about Thanksgiving
For almost two decades, the 35 year-old chef Alex Ureña has been
Sometimes all you want is a slice of pizza. Chefs know this,
Charlie Suisman over at Manhattan User's Guide broke the French omerta on
The big NY Times Dining feature is about how dining in
Gothamist Cooks (Kind of) by the Book About Gothamist Cooks (Kind of)
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