David blaine

According to a report, both alleged incidents happened over 20 years in Manhattan.
Of course, the electrocution won't actually hurt Blaine at all; in fact, his dumb little stunt may only hurt the environment.
David Blaine couldn't pull a cab out of his bag of
Yesterday it was announced that David Blaine would be setting up shop
Presto, chango! David Blaine is turning the Haiti tragedy into a
Photograph of a surfer in the Rockaways by rdcapasso on Flickr
David Blaine has found a new project: Mia Farrow. The 64-year-old
Photos courtesy of CITYarts. After an epic upside-down FAIL during his
David Blaine didn't disappear during his Dive of Death this week, and
No one will ever know for certain how many of the 60
So just what is David Blaine doing to fill the time during
David Blaine spending 60 hours suspended upside down over Central Park's Wollman
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