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“We urge you to take the following proven precautions to protect your family and our communities: wear a mask," a letter from the schools chancellor and health commissioner read.
Now the city will consider all incumbent superintendents in the finalist pool of candidates.
The city will train teachers at 80 elementary schools and 80 middle schools to screen students for reading challenges.
“We don’t intend to leave funds unspent,” Schools Chancellor David Banks said on Tuesday.
Mayor Eric Adams and Schools Chancellor David Banks lifted the vaccine requirement this week.
"This is a big, long-sought win for parents, families, and students across our city, especially in underserved districts,” Mayor Adams said. "We're giving every child in every zip code the chance that's been denied too often."
In New York, the legislature has extended mayoral control for various increments of time, and the issue is often subject to bitter negotiations and horse trading.
With children falling behind on reading skills, Schools Chancellor David Banks wants to change the curriculum.
The program will serve 110,000 children and run from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily.
The deadline to apply to high school remains Friday, March 11.
The teleprompter malfunctioned, giving Banks another opportunity to blast the Department of Education's "bureaucracy."
Banks criticized that many Black and brown students don't reach proficiency in spite of the Department of Education's $38 billion budget.
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