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Remember when Equifax fell prey to one of the largest cyber-security hacks in history, putting more than 147 million consumers’ personal data at risk?

As Smith testified to lawmakers about the breach, the top hat-wearing activist could be seen dabbing her forehead with money, twirling a bushy white mustache, and occasionally peering into a monocle.

The records, including customer names, addresses and PIN numbers, were improperly stored by a third-party vendor.

Uber didn't notify its drivers of the breach for almost a year.

Prosecutors say the defendants used stolen credit card information to defraud the site of about $1.6 million.

ACD containing the personal information of about 15,000 employees ended up in a civilian's hands after she purchased a refurbished disk drive with the CD inside.

Authorities suspect that an unnamed 17-year-old with "ties to St. Petersburg" may have developed the malware software used to skim credit card numbers in the enormous data breach.