The mayor announced Monday that the city would abandon announcements of the transmission metric, even though the CDC wants leaders to base mask guidance off it.
The offshoot germ rose to become the most common version of the coronavirus in less than five months.
A WNYC/Gothamist analysis of NYC health data shows severe COVID cases are further saturating in areas with low vaccination rates even as the pandemic abates.
A year into the epidemic, basic numbers on COVID-19 remain unretrievable.
Traffic patterns on the Port Authority and Metropolitan Transportation Authority bridges and tunnels around the city give us a sense of how NYC is gradually recovering from COVID-19.
If the public doesn't know who is unvaccinated, hospitals and outreach groups can't work to reach those who've missed out.
Many people have suggested that high COVID-19 rates are linked to political preference. So Jake Dobkin dug into the data.
The number of people admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 citywide jumped more than 62% last month.
The city's latest data shows that the virus is now gradually spreading in more neighborhoods.
The latest city data show continued declines in weekly case rates in Brooklyn, but test positivities in some neighborhoods are still well above the citywide average.
On Thursday, the Department of Health released new data on recent coronavirus cases by ZIP code.
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