Dante de blasio

The 47-page report found that city taxpayers spent roughly $320,000 on the mayor’s security expenses during his 2019 White House bid.
The group found an alarming 378 instances where a voter could be matched to what is supposed to be a secret ballot.
Dante is a Bulldog now.
The student was told by safety agents that a pin holding his broken glasses together was a safety risk.
An Italian news outlet was lucky enough to capture video of de Blasio and son/teen celebrity Dante onboard a motorboat near the island of Capri.
Would you like to know about the first few hours of their trip in painstakingly pointless detail?
Finally, de Blasio can eat pizza with a fork and knife again.
The costumes ranged from creepy to goofy to sexy as hell.
Between Chiara's eclectic fashion sense and Dante's festive afro, the two will look marvelous perched on top of a garishly decorated throne, probably still matted with a fine scrim of Judah Friedlander's chest hair.
The First Son headed to Morningside Heights.
"Score one for the older generation! Victory for the parents!" de Blasio taunted Dante. "You got nothing! You got height and you got hair, but you got nothing else!"
After his dad shoveled the sidewalk this morning, NYC's First Son Dante de Blasio emerged from his warm home to the media's delight:
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