Danny meyer

Danny Meyer said customers and employees at his NYC and DC restaurants will need to be vaccinated.
According to data released this week, between $11.4 million and $27 million was awarded to food service establishments in the Union Square Hospitality Group.
"Never could I have fathomed a time where the only path forward would be to lay people off so they can receive unemployment, while this company fights to see another day when we can return to our full staffing levels."
Danny Meyer’s all-day bakery and counter service spot serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.
The famed Chilean chef takes over the menu Danny Meyer's new Meatpacking restaurant. And because Lexus is sponsoring the whole thing, it costs a lot less than you'd think.
There's turmoil in both front and back of house operations, including high rates of staff turnover at the Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants that have implemented the practice.
Lots of fried foods like rice balls and mozzarella sandwiches paired with glasses of champage and lambrusco, a bubbly red wine.
Anyone who has made a quick caffeine pitstop in the Eternal City knows that to sip espresso in Rome typically means leaning against a small counter.
The seven pizzas on the menu are cooked in two minutes in a gas oven.
It's a trial run Friday through Sunday, with no delivery fees and no price markups.
Located on the 60th floor of 28 Liberty in the Financial District.
The sandwiches are the stars at Meyer's brand-new coffee shop, though there are a few surprising missteps, too.
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