Daniel pantaleo

The questioning is part of a rare judicial inquiry that aims to shed light on the 2014 death.
The legal case itself rests on an obscure and largely untested provision of the New York City charter, which allows groups of citizens to petition the court for a public inquiry into ''any alleged violation or neglect of duty."
Judge orders PBA President Pat Lynch and the supervising sergeant on the scene at Garner’s death to testify/
“Our first objective here is to get some answers about what happened in this specific case, but the bigger purpose here is to put city officials on notice that when they fail to fulfill their duties, citizens are going to hold them accountable."
Orta was serving time for a gun possession charge that he said was set up by the police.
If four men shoot and kill your unarmed son on the street, should you be officially informed of the killers’ names? In New York, the answer is no—if the shooters are police officers.
The officer who fatally choked Eric Garner filed a lawsuit in Manhattan civil court, alleging that his termination was 'arbitrary and capricious.'
'This shit is why I'm retiring in 7 months.'
NYPD sergeant Kizzy Adonis, one of the two police supervisors who responded to the arrest scene, has now pleaded guilty to a charge of failure to supervise and will lose 20 vacation days.
'The unintended consequence of Garner's death must have a consequence of its own.'
'I found [Pantaleo's] uncorroborated hearsay statements explaining his actions to be untruthful.'
The administrative judge found Daniel Pantaleo guilty of using an illegal chokehold, but not guilty of intentionally obstructing Eric Garner’s breathing, a source said.
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