Daniel libeskind

Architect Daniel Libeskind is taking a cue from the urban gardening minds
The NY Sun takes a look at the city's skybridges, and their
As the architect Rafael Viñoly sees it, the Freedom Tower is
The unveiling of the new buildings - Towers 2, 3, 4
We're up to Version 3.0: Architect David Childs revealed new designs for
If there's something politicians know how to do, it's to convene
If you want to be thoroughly depressed by the rebuilding process
It'll be an alley of cray architectural all-stars downtown! After turning
If you've ever wondered how the highest profile skyscraper in the world
The supposedly safer Freedom Tower designs will be unveiled today, and it's
There's a very cool article in the NY Times about the "kinetic,
Forget Saddam in his underwear (people, this is like seeing your uncle
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