Daniel donovan

More information about the Eric Garner grand jury has leaked out in recent days, including reports claiming that DA Daniel Donovan did not ask grand jurors to consider a reckless endangerment charge.
"If you can't indict that cop for anything, then basically you can't indict a cop for killing a black man, period."
D.A. Daniel Donovan promised a 'fair, thorough, and responsible investigation.'
The Domestic Violence GPS Initiative will start outfitting serial abusers with GPS units that will text their victims when they get close—and the abusers will have to foot the bill.
A Staten Island father who pled guilty to viciously abusing his son last year got a very light sentence in court today.
The court proceedings for Eric Bellucci, the 30-year-old Staten Islander accused
Yesterday, Newsday reported that Nassau County DA and NY Attorney General
If you can't beat them, publicly shame them. That's the strategy
If the the tanking economy or decline in Santas and Christmas
Brushing aside the Staten Island Borough President's repeated criticism and endorsement of
It's Election Day, which means it's time for people to go to
Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro placed a full page ad in
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