"When I was driving away, I had the whole block cheering for me, and I was just hoping someone captured it on video."
The "Zoning for Dancing" resolution calls for dancing and entertainment to be allowed everywhere in the city for establishments with 200 people or less.
If you're looking for your injection of serotonin today, then you won't do any better than this video of subway dancers absolutely killing it to a Missy Elliott classic.
Last spring and summer, the block parties on St. James Place became a "COVID-release" for locals.
CoJo, who recently quit smoking, catches some serious air.
On Tuesday, the City Council is set to repeal the reviled Cabaret Law, which has made dancing illegal in the vast majority of the city's bar and restaurants for nearly a century.
He played air drums to "The Tied That Bind," he mimicked air guitar to "Sherry Darling," he banged his head to "Out In The Street," and he waved his magic fingers to "Born To Run."
In the future, only orange men in pink ties will be allowed to sing big band covers of soul standards.
It's never not nice to see cops participating in neighborly moments of merriment, taking a break from their duties as gruff Enforcers of Order to have fun with the communities they're charged with protecting.
Even Ramsay Bolton couldn't compete with this level of Flaying.
The man who once went around high-fiving people who were trying to hail cabs has come up with a new way to connect with strangers and/or make strangers feel uncomfortable.
We all need to smile after this week.
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