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Last spring and summer, the block parties on St. James Place became a "COVID-release" for locals.

It's your last chance to dance to The Smiths with a bunch of kindred spirits.

Yes, an outdoor party starring a giant inflatable cat head beaming lasers from its eyes.

You will totally have "Ice Ice Baby" stuck in your head all day if you watch this though...

Won't you please come dance for New York Night Train DJ Jonathan Toubin tomorrow night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg?

There are two benefits tonight for Toubin, who was sleeping in his bed in a ground-floor hotel room when a cab crashed through the building and pinned him.

The actor is hosting a new monthly dance party at Le Poisson Rouge, and you're invited!

Williamsburg dance party fixture Royal Oak—aka Royal Joke—appears to have shuttered suddenly under mysterious circumstances.

Get your Gatsby on at tomorrow's Jazz Age Dance Party on Governors Island!