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After two years of celebrating virtually, the 16th annual Dance Parade returned to in-person festivities this year.

Some 100 different dances were on display on Saturday, as the annual parade made it's way from Union Square to Tompkins Square Park.

Downpours at the start of the 12th annual downtown parade didn't stop the massive dance party from taking over downtown from Union Square to Tompkins Square.

More than 200 different troupes demonstrated a staggering array of dance styles.

More than 150 different groups brought a staggering number of dance styles, both ancient and contemporary, to the 10th annual parade.

Saturday marked the 9th annual Dance Parade, which was created to "promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance."

There were ravers and Bollywood-ers, Bolivian Tinkuses and hip hop kids, belly dancers and blissed-out hippies, cheerleaders, hula hoopers, disco boys, stilt walkers, Indonesians, Albanians, Armenians, Koreans, waackers, and aerobics masters.

You may have seen the participants moving and shaking down Broadway and University Place and on St. Mark's Place.

Take a look at some pictures from yesterday's Dance Parade in Manhattan above, and check out a few videos of the event below

It might sound like crazy talk, but there are other fun things happening in the city tomorrow besides Rapture Looting Parties. And that includes the 5th annual Dance Parade in Manhattan!