After two years of celebrating virtually, the 16th annual Dance Parade returned to in-person festivities this year.
Instead of multiple festivals catering to disparate audiences, a new model is aimed at eliminating barriers – from artistic genres to ticket prices
Capacity was kept to a minimum, but those who got in had a blast .
The work from Andrea Miller invites people to reflect on what it was like to live in the city during the pandemic.
Intimate, cheek-to-cheek partnering is at the core of tango, which is proving controversial now.
Also, the executors of his will are having a hard time keeping all these claims straight.
Films include documentaries about Marcelo Gomes and Trisha Brown and a special screening of Martha Graham's "A Dancer's World."
A missionary rabbi banquet promised "spirited Hasidic dancing" and didn't disappoint.
These professional ballet dancers dressed up as breakdancers and fooled everyone in Washington Square Park.
Dance dance dance like Hannah Horvath.
Dancing may be a vertical expression of a horizontal desire, but it's also a delightful thing that can keep you warm in bitterly cold weather.
You may have seen the participants moving and shaking down Broadway and University Place and on St. Mark's Place.
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