Dan halloran

The councilman announced he will instead spend his time attempting to rehabilitate his reputation, perhaps the only task less possible than winning reelection.
The disgraced former city councilman is being investigated for allegedly having a relationship with a former intern.
Former Councilman Dan Halloran not only ruined his political career, he wrecked his marriage, too!
Dan Halloran played an adorable game with his constituents, allowing them to think they get to choose how to spend $1 million in discretionary funds.
Even more interesting than the public flogging are the parallels between Halloran's allegedly corrupt career as a politician and his willingness to cut corners to get ahead in his religion.
He apparently has stacks of cash in his "gaudy mansion."
"Let's close the deal. I mean, I'm just saying, I wouldn't do anything with them until you close the deal. I would close it first."
Dan Halloran may have been arrested this morning, but his poetry will live on in his criminal complaint forever.
The pair are apparently charged with trying to buy Smith a place on the Republican ballot line.
Meng said, "More women in government means practical attention on how families educate their children, how they pay their bills, how they worship, how they participate in their community, how they plan for the future."
Selling soda "isn't quite as good as selling drugs, but it's close," declared one firm supporter of Bloomberg's proposal to ban big soda.
Residents who live around the Star Nissan on 172nd street in Flushing have lodged complaints about early morning deliveries, air horns, and loud equipment.
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