Dan donovan

Given how consistently Staten Island voters elected Republicans to Congress in recent years, few pundits or prognosticators believed Rose could pull off a win.
Rep. Dan Donovan being interviewed outside a ShopRite (Frank G. Runyeon
Convicted felon Michael Grimm is running against Dan Donovan, the DA in the Eric Garner case
Grimm is expected to announce a primary challenge against Representative Dan Donovan on October 1st.
"We're just angry constituents who want him to talk to us, and he could do that with a town hall. If he's holding out for universal approval, he's in the wrong line of work."
Protesters repeatedly shouted down Republican Congressman Dan Donovan for his support of President Trump's Muslim ban.
"Not a single one of the DAs offices is really doing its job when it comes to holding dangerous and reckless drivers accountable."
"All of us want to know what happened behind closed doors as it relates to the Eric Garner case because we all saw the video and our eyes do not lie."
State Senator Eric Schneiderman won his bid to be New York's
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