Dan barber

The chef and TV host is the executive producer Wasted! The Story Of Food Waste, a documentary film on the subject that premiered at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.
The nearly $9 salad comes with "scraps" like broccoli stems and kale stalks.
The chain has partnered with Chef Dan Barber and his wastED food series to bring an upcycled offering to the Madison Square Park location.
Chef Dan Barber brings pals like Mario Batali, Dominique Ansel and Alain Ducasse aboard to cook up food scraps like carrot tops, juice pulp and fish heads.
Dan Barber, the chef and owner of restaurant Blue Hill in the West Village, knows not to trust all that quirky "self-righteous vegetarianism."
Does the corn grown on Iowa farms affect the way the
Often armed with not much more than unwieldy liberal arts degrees, the
How fitting that Anthony Bourdain’s controversial interview with DCist, in which
Delmonico's chef Charles Ranhofer, circa 1898, from Dining at Delmonico's. Here's our
Last night Gourmet magazine held a big party at the soon-to-open Shang,
The fleet of undercover, handlebar mustache-twirling French restaurant “inspectors” have made their
Chef Michael Anthony can be incredibly emphatic about the farmers who supply
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