The city will pay $140 million, and a former building owner will pay the rest.
"I think sometimes the cops treat everybody like perpetrators," one juror said.
They say the derailment was the bitter fruit of an ongoing MTA-City Hall funding feud.
Vargas, a Harlem resident, was on a bus en route to the High School when the blast caused the bus's glass to shatter.
Sure, it didn't hit NYC as hard as it could have—but that doesn't mean the state escaped scot-free.
Did a snow plow crash into your car during the Boxing
Joseph Kinneary, the “shy peerer” fired by the city for failing
Councilwoman Letitia "Tish" James (D-Fort Greene) is suing a day laborer
A financial firm once headquartered in the World Trade Center is
The embattled community organizing group ACORN is filing a lawsuit today
A Manhattan lawyer blames Delta Airlines for ruining his mother's 80th birthday
The last time we checked in with the latest flock of Next
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