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We have 14 people living upstairs who have moved out. There are two people who lost everything that they own."

Also: Over 500 cops' homes were struck by Hurricane Sandy.

Check out a galley of car destruction from around the Rockaways.

Above, check out haunting photos of the extensive damage to The Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy.

Here's what the damage looks like in Central Park.

Hurricane Sandy has been wreaking havoc on NYC all day, and she's not even officially here yet. Click through for photos of trees falling, and other damage around town.

"We were affected by it, the roofs were taken off the cabanas, our pool has serious damage. It took down wires and things like that around the club," Caitlin Walsh, catering and events manager, said.

"It is time the Buildings Department cracked down on illegal is fortunate that no one was hurt in this incident, but it is time the City enforced this rule and held sign companies responsible."

Governor Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend, lifestyle guru Sandra Lee, joined hundreds

Do you need something fulfilling to do over the Labor Day weekend? Why not volunteer for the state's Hurricane Irene clean-up effort!