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"It never occurred to me that I’d be penalized for talking about my salary when this is an issue they thought was important enough to put on their front page," she said. "I was shocked."
Asked by a waitress if he was a 'gangster,' Hyun Kim allegedly pulled out his gun and pointed it at her.
45 of the laid-off employees were editorial; it's unclear whether the remainder were people fired on Monday or future layoffs, according to the Post.
We spoke with the muckraker about Mayor de Blasio's first term, and whether he is doing enough to fulfill his initial campaign promise to end the tale of two cities.
Police stopped releasing disciplinary decisions last spring, which the NYPD's top legal official claims is "not a change."
And threw her phone into the street.
The NY Post changed their initial front cover headline—"Murder Mission"—to "Muslim Killers."
"The Naked Cowboy walks around in the exact same clothing as we do and nobody has a problem with it."
The Daily News puts on their "Morality Police" hat, blames immigrants, and coins the horrible phrase "multicolored mammaries."
One was the mother of a Daily News reporter.
William Shatner opened up about Nimoy in a Twitter eulogy this afternoon, and also defended himself against the Daily News and other critics.
Ladies of NYC: Jack Dickenson wants to have a word with you.
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