The weather was beautiful, the costumes often spectacular, the overall mood both raucous and light.
An NYPD detective caught grinding on camera at the West Indian Parade has turned out to be a bitter, angry racist. News at 11.
Here's some classic NYPD daggering documentation.
Daggering: There's apparently no limit to how many dancers can dagger together at once.
Yesterday's West Indian American Day Parade has already given us several outstanding videos of dirty dancing and raucous revelry.
"There's a lot of negativity toward police. I want kids in the community to look at us in a positive way," one of the dastardly football-throwers says.
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly shrugged off the NYPD dirty dancing video, while Mayor Bloomberg suggested it's a great advertisement for New York.
The cops caught "daggering" with dancers at the West Indian-American Day Carnival could face disciplinary action.
In this haunting video, NYPD officers cut loose and "dagger" revelers at the West Indian-American Day Carnival.
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