Fleet Week hits New York this month. And between the end of DADT and marriage equality, the time is ripe for a very homo shore leave.
"I condemn the people who booed that gay soldier," Santorum told Fox News' Megyn Kelly too-little-too-late. Watch his sorta mea culpa below.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell is gone and it seems the audience at last night's GOP debate is still unhappy about it.
Only nine months after the President repealed the out-dated rule, the U.S. Army is the first branch of the military to formally end the practice.
Just because the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, which restricted openly
Photograph by supremeknight1 on Flickr Just three weeks after its University
Hot on the heels of the December repeal of Don't Ask, Don't
This morning, President Obama signed into law the repeal of the military's
After years of controversy, debate and frustration, the Senate voted 65
The Senate is where good things go to die, but the
At a Democratic fundraiser at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, demonstrators disrupted
Via carol_e_lee Twitter Yesterday, Republicans successfully filibustered a bill including the
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