Congrats to the dads!
A divorced dad who has been living out of his Mercedes van for the last year is on the hunt for an Upper West Side condo to call his own.
Because the children are our future, and they will not be left begging for spare squares.
Nepotism abounds in New York City, but rarely does it wave a Dunkin Donuts bag.
Long Island dad Richard Ortiz allegedly drove his daughter and three of her friends to a park to fight another girl, then assaulted a teen with a crowbar who tried to stop the fight.
Alan is now the poster child for Dadenfreude.
Mia Farrow admits that she's not sure whether her son Ronan Farrow is Woody Allen's child, or Frank Sinatra's. And Ronan is taking the revelation in stride.
Sometimes it's not the size of your heart but the size of your padlock.
To get you in the mood for tomorrow, watch ten dad-themed videos below, from the evolution of Dad Dancing to Louis C.K.'s sincere advice to the art of roughhousing.
The city announced that it will be appointing a "Citywide Fatherhood
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