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"I knew my conduct was illegal. I'd just like to apologize and say I'm so sorry for my actions and for everyone that they affected."

Though the crowd was thin, Schumer's presence certainly bolstered the notion that there's only one person in the city who actually believes that Thompson won't be the next district attorney of Kings County.

An assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn has been suspended without pay following a strange altercation in Queens late Saturday night.

Hey, you! Do you have an outstanding summons warrant? The Brooklyn DA would like to help you out. Like, really help you out.

Five men and a woman have been indicted for allegedly kidnapping, gang raping and prostituting a 15-year-old runaway girl in an Ozone Park, Queens house they were illegally squatting in.

You'd lose stuff too if there were this many people going

In a series of increasingly brazen attacks, the bedbugs have laid

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes announced yesterday that 125,000 tons of seized

90-year-old Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau is retiring Thursday after a 35 year

Earlier this month, Mayor Bloomberg tried to halfheartedly quell an old