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Critics had questioned the three-term D.A.'s commitment to addressing racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

The guards allegedly ignored protocol, making visitors to the Manhattan Detention Complex strip down so they could be searched contraband.

Police will be encouraged to give summonses instead of arresting turnstile jumpers, starting in September of this year, the DA's office announced today.

An ESL teacher has admitted to fleecing her foreign students for over $40,000 with false promises of green cards.

The Manhattan DA indicted the treasurer of a youth softball league yesterday for stealing more than $90,000 from its coffers.

His DNA was entered into the FBI's profiling system after the city tested the victim's rape kit in the early 200s.

One landlord allegedly paid inspectors $700 to falsely evict tenants.

Nearly a dozen Department of Building employees, five Department of Housing Preservation and Development employees and 28 property managers were indicted today on multiple bribery and fraud charges around several boroughs.

De Blasio wasn't the only total non-surprise winner last night.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed during a press conference yesterday that shootings rose in the weeks after a landmark federal court ruling that deemed stop & frisk unconstitutional.