A new city rule that went into effect this week requires vehicles and bikers to yield to pedestrians even if there is no stoplight or stop sign.
Since its installation earlier this month, the Centre Street bike lane has been perpetually blocked by vehicles with NYPD and police union placards.
A housing development planned for Sunset Park features secure bike parking for residents and free slots for delivery workers.
Social media highlighted another example of overpolicing of communities of color, this time in suburban New Jersey.
The toughest part of riding in the cold is making the decision to ride in the first place.
The 18-year-old from Queens is due in court December 30th.
Barely one week after a 7-year-old was killed in a traffic crash in Brooklyn, a 4-year-old was badly hurt.
Two cyclists were taken to nearby hospitals.
A wisp of a bridge, suspended by cables, 20-feet wide with a lane for cyclists, and one for people walking is a proposal from a group of traffic planners and engineers.
Lyft, which owns Citi Bike, has also rolled out a new pricing scheme for the bikes.
What do you want the Brooklyn Bridge walkway to look like?
An elderly cyclist was killed by a minivan driver last week while riding just outside his Midwood home, police said on Saturday.
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