Cyclist fatality

The driver who used his SUV to intentionally mow down a cyclist in Bushwick this weekend has been charged with murder.
The cyclist who fell off his e-bike after colliding with a pedestrian in Central Park earlier this week has died of injuries.
The city announced that they will finish the bulk of the work on the two-way bike lane between 61st Street and 1st Street in 'the fall of 2019.'
Five cyclists have been killed in dooring incidents over the last sixteen months in NYC.
A cyclist was killed on Monday morning, police said, after he was hit by a truck driver while swerving out of the way of an opening car door.
A Citi Bike rider who was struck by a truck driver in Hudson Yards earlier this year has died from his injuries, authorities confirmed on Friday.
A 28-year-old woman was killed while riding her bike in Brooklyn on Monday, marking the third cyclist fatality on city streets in just seven days.
Within hours of his death, police had somehow determined that the 'bicyclist fell into the side of the truck' as the driver was passing him.
A resident of Long Island, Schlicting is remembered as an avid cyclist and traffic safety proponent who played a significant behind-the-scenes role in the launch of several New York City bike institutions.
A cyclist was fatally struck by the driver of a black sedan this morning while riding on Borden Avenue in Long Island City
Close to 200 cyclists took part in the memorial ride, which doubled as a demonstration against reckless motorists and the NYPD.
The driver did not remain on the scene, police said, and had not been located as of Friday morning.
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