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New data shows that cyclists were summonsed 25 percent more this year than they were in 2016.

"What's that graffiti somebody painted on the street there? I want it GONE."

Like ice cream flavors and Supreme Court Justices, some of the enforcement strategies are better than others.

Will they be blocking the bike lane to hand out tickets?

"Lady, you just don’t shut up do you?" one of New York's Finest allegedly asked a cyclist who dared challenge his questionable knowledge of traffic laws.

"I know it's illegal, but laws serve to protect people, and I wasn't putting anyone in danger."

Because there is no better use of NYPD resources than trailing 30 cyclists with 40 officers to arrest one man for merely providing his military ID.

NYC cyclists aren't required to stay in bike lanes in every circumstance, but why should that stop cops from ticketing them?

If you're biking to the Williamsburg bridge on South Fourth Street in Brooklyn, make sure you ride on the sidewalk! Seriously.

Now that the terror threat from the tenth anniversary of 9/11 has subsided, the NYPD can return to its duty of making the city's streets safe for cars.