Cyclist accident

The city has seen a 43% spike in traffic-related deaths so far this year when compared to last year.
The 43-year-old cyclist was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.
Cyclists; advocates for safer streets; and the parents, family, and friends of deceased cyclists will gather outside NYPD Headquarters at 1 Police Plaza Wednesday morning to demand justice.
In the wake of two awful accidents Prospect Park and the DOT have put up orange barrels at one particularly gnarly stretch. Barrels which just happen to be the perfect size to hide a child.
Earlier this summer Dana Jacks was struck by a cyclist while crossing a bike path in Prospect Park. Now she wants the city to pay up.
A 55-year-old Brooklyn woman is in a medically-induced coma at Kings County Hospital after she was run down by a racing cyclist in Prospect Park last week.
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