Cycling safety

If you're a pedestrian, cyclist, or a bus driver, what does the settlement change? Everything. Or, nothing. It depends on who you ask.
The Lefevres may gain a modicum of justice next week.
"I have no idea why they aren't getting involved. Hasn't Vision Zero been implemented?"
The victim, a male, was transported to Bellevue Hospital with severe head trauma, and remains in critical condition.
The victim was treated for cardiac arrest at the scene and was taken to Kings County Hospital.
The airbag system works at speeds of 12 to 30 mph, the speeds at which most pedestrians are struck, and only deploys if the car's auto-breaking system fails to slow the car down.
The victim's friend said, "He's a great guy, really well-liked. He was planning on building me a bike. Unfortunately, New York is a really tough place to ride bikes."
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