Cycling fatalities

Alejandro Santos is the sixth pedestrian or cyclist killed on Third Avenue since 2019.
A witness said that the cyclist was heading to work when he was killed.
"The mayor's lack of action has deadly implications on our city and our streets."
Investigators had not yet determined whether the cyclist was stationary or moving at the time of the collision.
'As far as the [cyclist] who passed away unfortunately, yesterday, I believe she was riding off the bike lane, you know,' Officer Negron said. 'Maybe if she had been on the bike lane, maybe she'd still be alive.'
'My bicycle saved my life,' Robyn Hightman, 20, previously wrote, explaining how biking 'offered a way to seek respite from the horrors of my surroundings and human experience, if only for a few glorious minutes.'
A group of bike messengers and friends of the victim gathered near the scene of the crash soon after it happened, and confronted a truck driver who police were interviewing.
The driver of the truck remained on the scene.
The Lefevres may gain a modicum of justice next week.
Need. More. Protected. Bike Lanes.
The stencils are an elegant reinterpretation of the chalk outlines that have been painted to memorialize pedestrian fatalities in the past.
According to an NYPD release, 50-year-old Wayne White was killed by a hit and run driver as he biked west on North Conduit Avenue at around 5 a.m.
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